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Dr Tanja Beeton Audiology is an audiology practice situated in Durbanville, Cape Town. This practice works with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders pertaining to hearing. As an experienced and professional audiologist near Cape Town, Dr Tanja Beeton and her team offers patients in depth hearing tests, fitting of hearing aids, hearing aid repairs and hearing protection devices.

Dr Beeton is trained to diagnose and treat a variety of hearing disorders, from mild to severe hearing loss to auditory processing disorders and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). The professional team at Dr Tanja Beeton Audiology makes use of the latest technology when diagnosing and assisting patients with hearing problems, allowing for an accurate diagnosis to effectively treat hearing problems.

At Dr Tanja Beeton Audiology, we believe in a patient orientated approach where we take the time to get to know our patients, so that we may provide them with tailor made solutions to their individual hearing problems. This is what makes our practice a preferred choice among patients looking for a qualified and experienced audiologist in Cape Town.

What exacty does an audiologist do?

An audiologist, like Dr Tanja Beeton, is a medical professional specialising in central and peripheral hearing impairments/disorders including deafness and hearing loss, tinnitus and balance system dysfunction/disorders. Apart from identifying, assessing, diagnosing, evaluating, treating and managing hearing related disorders or dysfunctions, audiologists are also able to proactively prevent hearing related damage through the use of correct hearing protection devices.


Audiologists rely on various testing methods and strategies to determine if an individual is able to hear within the normal range. Should any of these testing methods signal a problem in a patient's hearing, testing is extended to determine which portions of hearing are affected and how severe the problem is. After diagnosing a hearing disorder/dysfunction, audiologists will provide their patients with recommendations as to the best solution for their specific problem. These solutions include providing a patient with hearing amplification devices such as hearing aids, FM systems and accessories.

How the ear works

The ear is divided into three parts:

  • outer ear
  • middle ear
  • inner ear

Each part has its own role to play in how we hear.


The outer ear 'catches' the sound and indicate directionality, the sound waves enter the ear canal and make the ear drum vibrate. This action moves the tiny hearing bones (ossicles - malleus, incus, stapes) in the middle ear. The last bone in this chain ‘knocks’ on the membrane window of the cochlea and makes the fluid in the cochlea move. The fluid movement then triggers a response in the hearing nerve.


See the Youtube video below to see the process in motion.


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Dr Tanja Beeton specialises in the fitting of hearing aids according to the shape of a patient’s hearing loss, their lifestyle, their preferences, their physical features and their previous experiences...


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