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Generally known, most people in need of Tinnitus treatment constantly hear a buzzing or ringing in their ears. While it affects a lot of people, each patient may experience it differently – some people hear chirping, roaring, screeching, or even musical sounds. It is a common hearing disorder that affects a lot of people, of all ages, worldwide.

Patients suffering from Tinnitus will know that it completely hampers everyday activities, especially when having to communicate with others. The constant noise in one's ears make it difficult to comprehend conversations. If you think that you might be suffering from tinnitus, it is time to make an appointment to speak to an audiologist. Dr Tanja Beeton Audiologist is a recommended audiology practice in Durbanville. Dr Beeton is qualified and experienced in helping patients find suitable solutions to lessen the symptoms of this disorder.

What causes Tinnitus?

Studies have shown that there are several health conditions that may cause, or worsen Tinnitus.

Some known causes of Tinnitus include:

  • Inner ear cell damage
  • Hearing loss
  • Excessive exposure to loud noise
  • An earwax blockage
  • Blood pressure
  • Severe head or neck injuries
  • Some medications


Unfortunately, it is often hard to determine the exact causes of some patients’ tinnitus, which makes it difficult to treat. In such events, we discuss a range of options with our clients to reduce the severity of the symptoms they are experiencing and to help them cope with the constant noise in their ears. Certain medications and hearing aid devices can be used to suppress the constant noise or ringing in your ears, allowing a patient to lead a normal life.


We can also advise our patients on other measures to take to minimise the symptoms of Tinnitus. Some recommendations include minimising stress and anxiety, getting enough sleep, avoiding the intake of certain stimulants, and more.


If you have been struggling with a constant noise in your ear(s) that does not seem to want to go away, you may need Tinnitus treatment. Make an appointment today to be sure.


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