Why and in what cases does one need hearing protection?

Acquiring the correct hearing protection when needed is often neglected and is sometimes the reason why individuals find themselves struggling with hearing impairments. Many people in South Africa participate in leisure or work activities that expose them to excessive noise. This exposure to excessive noise can be very damaging to a person’s ears, and may in some cases even cause irreversible damage. This is even truer for those who have a pre-existing hearing problem.

Even exposure to noises one may not think are damaging to the ears can cause problems. For example, if a person is often exposed to the sound of constant, heavy traffic (equalling on average 85 decibels), the chances are good that it will (with time) permanently damage their inner ear hair cells. The same can be said for persons who work with loud machinery on a daily basis.


Exposure to loud music is even more damaging to the ear, as it may reach up to 140 decibels (120 dB is the pain threshold)!  This is a common problem, mainly due to the fact that many people listen to loud music in their leisure time, either through their earphones/headphones, speakers or at a concert.


Last, but not least, exposure to sudden, loud bursts of noise (such as a gunshot or explosion) causes the greatest damage to the ear since these noises often reach or exceed 150 decibels. In these cases, the damage to the ear can be instantaneous and permanent.

Protect your hearing with Dr Beeton's help

Dr Tanja Beeton Audiology can help patients prevent hearing damage and ultimately hearing loss by providing them with the correct hearing protection options for their specific needs.

If you think that it is time to find a suitable solution to protect your ears from excessive noise, do not hesitate to make an appointment to speak to Dr Beeton – sooner rather than later! Together, we can discuss your needs and the range of solutions that are available and find the best resolution for you.


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